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Our Founder

How We Got Here

How We Got Here

Our journey into the world of financial professionals stems from a deep commitment to helping others pursue their financial dreams during retirement. We've witnessed the struggles of friends and family seeking guidance for their financial future, and this has driven us to make a difference.

With a combination of personal finance knowledge and our expertise as financial professionals, we are dedicated to empowering individuals, especially retirees, to navigate the path toward financial security. Over the years, we've strived to simplify complex financial concepts to ensure that everyone can grasp the essentials of personal finance and, most importantly, apply these principles to pursue their unique financial goals in retirement.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Founder and President

James E Wilterdink


(515) 966-9333

Hello and welcome! I'm Jim, an experienced financial professional committed to assisting you in achieving your financial success. I fully comprehend that financial decisions can bring a mix of excitement and apprehension, often accompanied by a multitude of critical choices. With over two decades of experience, I specialize in personalized strategies aligned with your unique needs and goals.

Integrity is my foundation. I prioritize transparency and ethical conduct, ensuring your best interests are always at the forefront. Your financial well-being is my top priority, and I tailor advice to your specific circumstances.

My approach is comprehensive, covering retirement planning, investment management, college planning, budgeting, tax optimization, and small business succession planning. I'm here to simplify complex concepts and empower you with knowledge.

Independence defines my practice. I'm not bound to specific products or institutions, guaranteeing impartial advice aligned with your goals.

Clients appreciate my ability to connect. My small-town upbringing instilled the value of strong relationships, guiding my understanding of your needs.

Let's sit down and get to know each other. I'm committed to building a trusted and enduring relationship that paves the way for your financial success.

Beyond my work, my wife Amy, an English teacher, and our three children—Parkes, Charlie, and Piper—fill my free hours. We share a passion for exploration and adventure, often hiking, visiting parks, or camping, especially in the majestic mountains. Personally, I find solace and inspiration on off-road motorcycle journeys through the Rocky Mountains, connecting with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

I hope to meet you soon